A student who fails to appear in a particular subject in the examination will not be considered for the purpose of rank with the rest of the class.

If a student fails to pay the fees or the arrears of fees within the prescribed date, he/she will not be entitled to appear for the examinations.

A student will not be eligible for examination/ promotion if a minimum of 75% attendance has not been registered.


  • Students should be neat and clean. Regular attendance is must.
  • Late attendance will affect the educational prospects and will be viewed seriously.
  • Students must come to the School in the prescribed uniform only. School property must be handled carefully.
  • The student will be held responsible for damages caused to the school property and the cost will be recovered.
  • Students must bring only the books, records etc. as per the time table.


The fountain of wisdom flows through books. The habit of reading enriches one’s own knowledge. Some books entertain, others instruct. Still others elevate our nature. Books bring to you a liberal education, entertainment and counsel of the greatest men the world has ever seen. Now, make it a habit to read, make full use of your library and keep a record of it.


  • Prior sanction for leave must be obtained in writing from the class teacher. The signature of the parent on the leave application is a must. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if a leave letter has not been possible then the parents are requested to send a note through this hand book explaining the reason for absence.
  • Absence on any reopening day and / or at the time of examinations will be viewed very seriously and will affect the promotion of the child.
  • The students are not allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the concerned teacher. Written permission must be obtained from the principal, through the class teacher, to leave the school premises during school hours. This should be supported by a note in the hand book or a separate letter from the parent in case they want their child to leave the school premises either during school hours or lunch break.

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