• Parents are advised to pay the school fee, etc. On or before the prescribed due dates.
  • All text books and note books will be supplied by the school only on payment.
  • Ensure that your children come to school without wearing any costly jewels or ornaments.
  • Children’s studies must receive proper attention from the parents. If the Children explain the activities of the school, parents must carefully listen and encourage them to take part in such activities that would develop their physique. Intellect and mental ability.
  • Parents are requested to respond to the invitation from the school for all public functions. They should mingle with the teachers and children.
  • Parents or Guardians should not enter the class rooms during the school working hours.


  • The student must bring his/ her diary on all working days of the school.
  • The student must come to school on time and in full, clean and prescribed uniforms on all working days and at all school functions.
  • The student is responsible for the care of his/ her personal belongings. Expensive jewels or ornaments are totally banned and the school management takes no responsibility to their loss.
  • The institution takes responsibility for the students within the school premises, but not for any incident taking place outside.
  • The student is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls or throw paper or ink about the class-rooms and school premises. Penalty for the damage to building, furniture, etc., must be paid as decided by the Prinicipal.
  • An absentee for the examination without proper reason will be considered as detained. No re-examination will be held. In case of meritorious students, the marks of the year will be considered by the principal for promotion.
  • Parents or guardians are not allowed to interview their children or to speak to the teachers during school hours. All enquiries must be made at the school office.
  • The school accepts no responsibility if the student is obliged to return home during the class hours for not wearing the school uniform, for not bringing books to class, for not producing the signature of the parents on remarks written by teachers on the absence record in the calendar diary, for reason of indiscipline or for repeated late coming.
  • At the time of admission the following particulars are to be furnished

  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Mark sheet/Progress Card
  • Community Certificate

  • Transfer Certificate will be given only to those students who have no arrears of fees.
  • The School offers transport facilities to children. School van is available on payment charges.
  • To ensure uniformity text books and note books are to be purchased from the school.
  • Home work should be regularly and carefully submitted at the appointed time.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded on any account. Term fees should be paid on or before 10th of that month of the commencement of the term. After the 10th a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged until the last day of the month. The name will be removed from the rolls on the first day of the next month.
  • “Teaching with dedication and Love Learning with joy and Interest”

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